Do you also have Trust Issue?

Do you also have Trust Issue? Not only to the people around you but also to God?
I just want to share about my trust issues, I know we can’t avoid that there are times that we don’t trust the people around us right?
Because I’ve been there before, I don’t trust my colleague, because I felt like they don’t like me.
And also there are times that I doubted God, especially when I encounter some difficulties. I always question God.
But when you let God work in your life all your doubts about that person will disappear.

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Yes, I do, because we can’t avoid sometimes we have conflict with other people that’s why we also can’t avoid having conflict.

Although we can’t avoid having a trust issue with the people who are closest to us but don’t forget all the good things that they did for you. Don’t let their mistakes ruin your Trust in them, any way we are not perfect we did some mistakes sometimes.
Always forgive and forget.