Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment

“Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” (John 7:24, ESV)

In this passage, Jesus addresses the crowd’s tendency to judge Him based on superficial appearances and preconceived notions. He challenges them to go beyond surface-level judgments and instead make judgments based on truth and righteousness.

The verse serves as a reminder for us as well. It cautions against hasty and unfair judgments that are solely based on outward appearances, biases, or incomplete information. Instead, it encourages us to exercise discernment and make judgments with fairness, justice, and a proper understanding of the facts.

Applying this teaching to our lives, we are reminded to look beyond external factors and dig deeper to understand the truth before making judgments. It reminds us to cultivate empathy, seek understanding, and consider the whole picture before forming opinions about others.

Furthermore, this verse also reminds us of the ultimate Judge—God Himself. As humans, we have limited knowledge and understanding, but God sees and knows all things. He judges with perfect wisdom, righteousness, and mercy. We can find comfort in knowing that it is ultimately God who judges the hearts and motives of individuals, and it is our responsibility to strive for fairness and right judgment in our own interactions with others.

Let John 7:24 inspire us to approach judgements with wisdom, fairness, and a genuine desire to understand others. Let us refrain from making snap judgements based solely on appearances and instead seek to know the truth before forming opinions. In doing so, we reflect the character of Christ and contribute to a more compassionate and just society.

May this verse remind us to exercise discernment, extend grace, and treat others with fairness and understanding, just as we ourselves would hope to be treated.


let us embrace the principle of not judging by appearances but judging with right judgment. As we cultivate discernment, understanding, and fairness, we can contribute to a more compassionate and just society. May we always strive to see others through the lens of grace, seeking truth and righteousness in our judgments and interactions with others.

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let us strive to follow Jesus’ teaching by avoiding snap judgments based on appearances alone. Instead, let us seek to judge with right judgment, guided by truth, wisdom, fairness, and love. May we be discerning in our assessments, seeking to understand others and extend grace as we navigate relationships and the complexities of life.