Dating the wrong person

I found this sermon so informative about dating the wrong person and I am thankful for hearing this sermon.
I was in a relationship for 3 years, I was too young back then, and I thought I already found the right person for me but I am wrong. After being 3 years together red flags comes our way and we can’t avoid that causing us hurting with each other.

My lesson from that relationship is we did not put Jesus at the center of our relationship that’s why I thought that is not working.


I love this sermon, luckily until now I can’t the right person for me. Now I know that God has a bigger plan for us.
To the teenagers out there who are rushing to get into a relationship at a young age.
Please find yourselves first to God.
There is another greater Love than the love of God.

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Dating a wrong person doesn’t mean he/she is wrong. It means it’s a lesson.