Cherish those person who choose to stay in your life

When someone wastes your love, of course, you don’t want it anymore. But why can’t we give everything when someone else comes? Is it because you’re scared? Or is there still something left in your heart for him?

There is not always someone who is always there to understand and understand you. So whoever that person is in your life: Take care of them.

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Hi,Jean_Furia.Thank you for the messaging us.Yes There’s a time we feel wasting our Love for Who’m can’t Repay and Cherish our Love but have Faith Because God have give much more you Asking for him and before the Time will come Prepare yourselves and also the you Currently experience is a part of God Sovereign Plan if you align your Heart to him and also Pray for Discerning Heart and Mind to him.Because only God can Cherish you and also He can Renew and Heal your Heart to you can give everything you’ve got to the person you want and Cherish it.