By the grace of God, I was saved

I had never shared my testimony before. But now I decided to share my testimony.
When I was 8 years old our house burned, At that time I was the only one left in our house since my parents are busy with their work. we lived in the apartment then, and the apartment next to us left a gas open, so it exploded and filled the adjacent apartments. Good thing I was in the room then, I ran to a nearby window and asked for help from people.
By the grace of God, I was saved. I got a minor injury at that time but I was thankful to God for rescuing me from that accident.
Although that accident left some scars on my body I thank God because He protected me and save and I am still alive.


God bless you! Nothing is impossible with God when we believe in Him. And let God works in our lives. Because He is the source of our needs.
Let’s all thank God for the Grace that He gives to us.

Thank God, God is good all the time, He is always there to protect us when we face danger
and harm.

God is great, He never leave or forsake us when we need His help. Keep believing in God.
God bless you @Cindy_Malet :heart: :heart: