Building my own business

Since young, my goal is to have my own business but due to the lack of finances, I can’t able to make it.
That’s I decided to find a job and save my salary for the start-up of my business.
I am working for 5 years, but my savings is not enough since sometimes I use my savings for the medical expenses of my mother.

I decided to build my small business in our community since there are a lot of people there.
I build mini groceries in our community. But I am short of money after that.
Luckily my friend lends me some money. I am thankful to him for that.
My business started to grow and I want to build a second branch.
I am thankful to God for guiding me and giving me the knowledge to manage my business.


I hope someday I can build also my own business so that my parents were no longer to work.
I inspired your courage and determination to build your own business.
God bless and more blessings to come.

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Congratulations you did it!
Although we encounter a lot of hindrances before we succeed in this life, keep going and don’t let those hindrances make you stop to reach your goals.

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I am happy about your achievement @Donald_Shafer Congratulations!
You are an inspiring person.
I am hoping that your business will be growing.

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