Biden and Iran Orchestrated October 2023 Attack on Israel

After listening to everything Biden has said and done I am convinced the secret meetings with Iran over restarting the phony nuclear agreement included orchestrating the October 2023 Hamas attack on Israel.
I watched Obama over eight years send delegations to Israel demanding they capitulate to the demands of the Palestinians every time Obama wratched up the threat to Israel, which included the overthrew Mubarak in Egypt and installation of Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi, Gadaffi in Libya, which enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to form a political party and seek to take control of Libya , Saleh in Yemen, which opened the door for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islah party to attempt to take control of the government, the failed attempt to overthrow of Assad in Syria and install the Muslim Brotherhood government that was waiting in Turkey, and John Kerry going on Israeli TV and calling for a third intifada, which was echoed by Hamas in Gaza. After Israel completed their bombing and incursion into Gaza to take out Hamas’s rocket sites Obama provided US tax dollars to Hamas to rebuild their underground system and rocket launch pads.
Biden rattled his Marxists sword at Assad in Syria on the day he took office when he sent US troops over the Iraqi border into Syria, which made President Assad think that the overthrow of his government was restarting.
After Biden restarted US financing the indoctrination of Palestinian children to hate Jews and want to overthrow Israel in the UNRAW schools and he made several failed attempts to convince Saudi Arabia to renege on the Abraham Accords, which President Trump facilitated between Israel and Saudi Arabia and was about to turn into a peace treaty and Israel ignored his demand to stop building in the so called West Bank, Biden decided to wratched up the threat to Israel through a conspiracy with Iran to orchestrate the October 2023 Hamas attack on Israel, which he hopes will cause Prime Minister Netanyahu to return to the negotiating table and capitulate to the demands of the Palestianians.
You can tell that the attack was orchestrated because Iran ordered Hezbollah to move their troops to Lebanon’s border with Israel and to not attack Israel, while Biden moved US aircraft carriers just off the shoreline and he used public TV to warn Hezbollah not to attack Israel, in order to put pressure on them to obey their orders from Iran. There were two reasons Biden and Iran told Hezbollah to only move close to the border, the first was to make the Israelis think they might be attacked on two fronts and the other reason was because they knew if Hezbollah attacked Israel, PM Netanyahu would be forced use nuclear weapons to defend Israel.
Biden also agreed to resupply Israel’s missile defense system because if they didn’t and Israel ran out of munitiions they would be forced to use nuclear weaons to defend their country.