Be a good example to others

Brothers and sisters, we are not poor Christians, we are no longer fools, I am tired of failing and breaking the heart of our God.
But I remembered that our Lord loves us very much. Repent and trust alone in Jesus is the key to this life. As long as we live we need to be new.

As Christians, we need to be good examples to our fellow Christians and also to others.
Be a good leader and teach others the word of God so that they will know what is right and wrong. They will learn to repent their mistakes wholeheartedly.


Based on my observation as a Christian, they’re are a lot of them that persecute both of them are Christians instead of helping each other to learn every word of our Lord God. It does not drag you down just to lift them.
Remember true victory is having God in our lives, not worldly victory.

The behavior of people depends on how you treat them, what you show is how they treat you.

So be a good example, especially for the new generation today, their behavior is based on what they saw on social media.