Badly need HEALING right now

Badly need HEALING right now especially since I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder last month it’s an everyday battle to keep sane & not let my mental illness run me.
I lift up and surrender to God this battle, this thorn in my flesh.
Please pray for me that God helps to battle this illness.
I want to be cured of this illness.


Jeremiah 17:14
Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.

May God will touch you with His divine hands and provide you with His healing power.
I will pray for your speedy recovery.

I am praying for your speedy recovery.
I know it’s not easy for us to have an illness like yours because I’ve been there.
But keep holding on to the promises of the Lord that He will let us allow us to suffer.
Always Believe in Him.

May the Lord God embrace you and cure your illness.
Help you to overcome what you are battling right now.
I am praying for your speedy recovery.

Hi @Justin_Filch I will pray for you,
I ask God that he will give you healing and I will ask Him that He will guide you to your healing journey.

Hello, good day @Justin_Filch .
May the Lord will grant you with Healing power.
Never give up no matter what you’ve been through right now.
Keep believing in God.

My brother had the same illness as you. My hurt broke when seeing him like that.
That’s why we did everything that the doctor tells us. And prayed that God will always be there for him through his healing journey.
And all of that God grant.
He is now fully healed.
Don’t give up everything will be alright.