Ask God to help you forgive

It was not easy for me to support my child alone after my partner left me.
I don’t know what to do during that time since I am far from my parents. I don’t know how to take care of my child since I am an only child.
Additionally, I developed an illness that caused severe depression, to the point where I heard whispers to end my own life.
And already forgive my ex wife for what she did to us.

But thinking about my child when I saw her genuine smile. It made me broken. I decided to return to my parents and let them care for my child.
And I prayed to God that He will provide me with strength and healing, and little by little I return to my normal life.
I work hard for my child and now I have my own business and I am already contented with what I have right now.

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Indeed! God is there to guide us and give us knowledge to learned how to forgive and have humility to others.
I will pray for you may God give you the strength that you need to overcome the obstacle in your life.

It’s also important to recognize that forgiveness is a process and it can take time. Be patient with yourself and try to approach the situation with an open mind and heart. Remember that forgiving someone does not necessarily mean forgetting or condoning their actions, but rather it is about finding peace within yourself and letting go of negative emotions that can hold you back from healing and moving forward.