As I grow old my realization about life becomes deeper

Sometimes there are things we think we can’t do
Sometimes we think we can only go this far
Sometimes we are afraid to face the truth
Or you must not be there anymore so you are afraid to leave

As I grow old my realization about life becomes deeper.
The problem gets bigger, the situation becomes more complicated and
I know that you are just like me.
But despite all of this we can only get closer to God and let His plan works in our lives.


As we grow older, we can’t help but think that we would just go back to being children since we have nothing else to think about, but to play and eat. Unlike today we all think, I feel that there are many problems, and there is no end.

Sometimes we think of giving up but because we think that the love of our life is there waiting for us that’s why we choose to fight and keep going.

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As I get older, I prefer to have peace of mind rather than socialize with other people who cause me pain.
It is better to take care of what I have now, the love and peace of mind that the Lord gave me.