Are you going through a serious illness right now?

To everyone who is sick today, I hope you all get well in the Name of Jesus. I know life is not easy when we feel pain. I just want you to know that you are not sick forever, just trust God because he is the divine healer of all of us who are sick.

Don’t lose hope God will provide you with complete healing and good health. I will pray for your complete healing.


We pray for those who are suffering in mind, body, and spirit. We ask that you would provide them with strength and comfort during this difficult time. Please ease their pain and grant them the courage to persevere through this trial.

We pray for the medical professionals who are caring for the sick. Please grant them wisdom, skill, and compassion as they work to bring healing to their patients.

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I also pray for the families and loved ones of those who are sick. Please grant them comfort and peace, and help them to support their loved ones through this difficult time.

I pray for your healing power to be present in the lives of those who are sick. We ask that you would touch them with your love and mercy, and grant them a full recovery. Amen!