Anxiety and Panic attacks

I’m unfortunate; down these past few days, I feel like I’m giving up. I want to be gone and escape all the sufferings I am experiencing. I also experience anxiety and panic attacks, and I think I have a mental disorder now. I want to end these sufferings and start a new life again.

I keep on praying and trusting God, I hope everything will be okay soon.


Everything will be alright soon.
I will pray for you, keep on praying God will answer your prayer.
And give you the healing of your illness.
Trust God, he is there to help to win your battles.


Sad to hear about that. I also have a friend who is experiencing anxiety and depression. What we are doing for her is always to be there and listen to her. People who feel sad need friends who will listen to and support them. I hope you have good friends to lean on. God bless!


keep believing in God and be positive about whatever comes in your life.
I know life is hard right now, but always look on the brighter side it will help you a lot to boost your mood.
Be surrounded by the people who lift you up and encourage you.

I will pray for you and I am hoping that everything will be alright.