Always seek God first whatever you do

Proverbs 16:3
“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

The verse assures believers that when they commit their plans to the Lord, He will establish them. This means that God will bring about the fulfillment, success, and alignment of our plans with His purposes. When we align our plans with God’s will and seek His guidance, He works in and through us to bring about His desired outcomes.

It reminds us to seek God’s direction and commit their plans to Him. It encourages us to trust in His wisdom and sovereignty, recognizing that He knows what is best for us. By seeking God’s guidance and aligning our plans with His will, we can experience His guidance, provision, and blessings in our lives.


Amen! always seeking God whatever we do it invites God’s presence, wisdom, and guidance into every endeavor, recognizing that a deep and abiding relationship with God influences and shapes every aspect of life.


By seeking God first in all we do, we acknowledge His rightful place as the center of our lives. It is an ongoing commitment to invite Him into every decision, circumstance, and relationship. When we prioritize seeking God first, we position ourselves to experience His blessings, guidance, and transformative power in all areas of life.

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Seeking God first is an ongoing journey that requires intentionality, humility, and a genuine desire to know and follow Him. By making Him our priority, we align ourselves with His purposes, experience His presence, and find fulfillment in living a life that honors and glorifies Him.