Always remember, everything happens for a reason

Always remember, everything happens for a reason.
Someday you will better understand why you are struggling now, why there are delays, and why it seems to be taking so long.

All these experiences will teach us a lesson, which we cannot learn from others. This is where we will become stronger, stronger, and more courageous.
Just keep going, we can do it.

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I had a high fever last week to the point that it’s necessary to go to the hospital because I’m so hot that I’m already dehydrated, I don’t even want to eat.
Fortunately, my brothers were there to help me, and because of their help and care, I recovered quickly.

Now I’m at home getting stronger to regain my body’s health so that I can go back to my work.
I am grateful to have a family who took good care of me tirelessly.