Always pray. Never lose hope

Romans 1:16

“Always pray. Never loss hope”

Sometimes we can’t avoid losing hope especially we encounter trial after trial, it seems like there is no end. I admit myself this past few weeks God tested us. I question God that time why and when will we experience happiness, because we’ve only experienced trials after trials, I felt tired at that time.

But after that, I regretted what I said to God. I ask forgiveness.
I know God tested me how faithful I am to Him. I don’t want to give up because of those trials because I know God is with me all the time.
To the person who encountered difficulties right now don’t lose hope. God is with you.
Always pray. Never lose hope.


Prayer is the best weapon to all the difficulties that we are facing.
Through prayers it can ease the heaviness that we felt inside.

In everything we go through in life, our only support is to approach God.
We should talk to Him every day, and ask Him for guidance and strength in all our trials.