Always include your parents in your dreams

Always include your parents in your dreams.
Remember you were their first dream.
Our parents are the reason we are where we are and what we are today.

Include your parents in every success that you have right now. They are the first ones who celebrate your small victories until you can reach the top.
They are the ones who can make it possible to impossible for us.
Our parents are our heroes, cheers, and encourager.

Let’s return the love they gave us now that they are old. Let’s take care of and love them as we love them.

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It feels so good that the reason for all your dreams is your parents because you always think that all this is for them no matter how hard, you can make up for the sacrifice they made for us.
All our tiredness when we reach our dream is all replaced by the sweet smile of our parents.
They are the first ones who build us to be strong, they are our first cheerleaders.
Love, care and protect our parents no matter what.