Alone but not lonely

During the pandemic, I felt alone in the dark, fighting and struggling with my endless battles, anxieties, and fear.
But whenever I felt His comfort, warmth, and presence during those darkest moments I never felt unworthy, weak, or lonely.
Alone but not lonely. He healed my heart and soul.
May all the people who are struggling and battling your silent battles I hope you feel the love and courage to continue to reach your goals.


Praise God that you overcome those battles nothing is impossible with Lord when we ask Help to Him.
He is always there waiting for us to seek Him.
Also no matter what happen always believe in your self.

We are not alone, we felt alone because w abandoned God that’s real talk.
We only remember God when we have something to ask for Him.
After we receive what we forget that God is always with us.
But God never gets tired of being on our side always.

When life is full of the presence of God you didn’t feel that you are alone instead you are always contented with having God in your life.
You can’t for more, you only ask the presence of the Lord.

May the Lord God surround His presence in you always.