Allow God to strengthen you

Me and my husband come from a Christian family.
We felt at ease with each other because of what we both went through in our past relationships. We are both broken when we meet each other.
Because of God’s help and our attendance at counseling sessions, we overcame the challenges in our relationship.

Now we are happy living together with our adorable children.
Yes, we have 3 children and they also grow up with fear of God.
We teach them how to be a good child to God.
I am hoping that God will always grant us good health and His abundant love and grace.


Prayer can be a powerful means of connecting with God and seeking strength during difficult times. You can express your thoughts, feelings, and concerns to God through prayer, and ask for the strength and courage you need to face your challenges.

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Reading and meditating on scripture can help you find solace, hope, and strength in God’s words. Keep meditating the word of God and never stop talking to Him.