A memorable family outing!

We had looked forward to the weekend outing for quite some time. All of us had been very busy these last three months. We have been busy with our work and examinations for my children. As a Father, I have been active in household chores and engaged with my work schedule since my wife passed away last year. So we all decided that it was time we had a break and planned a weekend on the beach. One of my daughter’s surprises is that she is pregnant. That’s the best news that we have ever received. We are eager to have grandchildren. I am so happy and excited about this.


Congratulations. This is your new journey as a grandfather. May God guide your daughter on her pregnancy journey. I am happy for you.

It is really a piece of good news, Congratulations to your family. It’s a new blessing for your whole family. God bless you

We also have a family outing this coming weekend in Hawaii, and We love to spend time here. They have a lot of beautiful places to visit with.