7 traits of effective parenting


While I am scrolling through my phone on YouTube I saw these parenting tips. I also want to share this with you guys, especially with the parents out there. This is good for you.
becoming a parent is a gift that God gives to us. But what should we do to make our kids become a follower of Christ? Or what should make our kids obedient? Sometimes we are struggling to be a parent, we don’t how to be a good example to our children.


thank you for sharing this parenting tips, I’ve been looking for some parenting tips but this one, I like this a lot it will help to teach my children and also teaching to have fear with the Lord.
God bless!

I’ve been trying to be the best parent that I could, but sometimes I failed to be the best one.
My children are all obedient and kind but I want them to be closer to God.
That’s I searched parenting tips for Christians and I saw this. Hope It can help me a lot for my children.
Thank you so much!