12 dishes of christmas

I’ve been searching for dishes that we should have for Christmas and I saw this, I want to try these dishes this coming Christmas.
I am excited to cook these dishes.
How about you guys, Are you excited to celebrate Christmas?


I would like to try this kin of dishes, and I hope family would love it :blush:
Thank you for sharing this @ Rolande.

Wow! This is amazing dishes, I want to try all this dishes.
I felt hungry while watching this video. :rofl: :rofl:

I must try this dishes.
I thought this was an easy dishes for Christmas.
I hope I can make it :sweat_smile:

wow, this is! I’ve been looking for a recipe for this coming Christmas.
I am glad that you share this amazing recipe.

I love this kind of dishes, I’d like to try this for my family Christmas dinner, I know they will going to love this delicious food.

I love this dishes, It was simple but delicious,
I try this for our family Christmas dinner.
Thank you for sharing with this recipe.

Oh! I love this Filipino dishes. I visited your country before and I love your food.
I’ll to cook this for my family.