11 Simple Tricks to Instantly Calm Your Anxiety

Having an anxiety is the hardest thing that I ever had. I thought that I can make it from that part of my life.
There were times that I want to give up because O don’t understand myself anymore and I thought that everything against me.

All of that, God approach me and accompany that time. He come to my life when I am about to give up.
Learning to get closer to Him, going to the church almost everyday is one of my cure to my anxiety.
I didn’t realize that I was getting better little by little.
All of that because of God and my faith to God.
He cured me physically, mentally and spiritually. Nothing is impossible when we surrender to God.

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Thank you for sharing this John, I have had anxiety from the day my mother died.
I always get woke up in the middle of the night crying thinking about my mother.
Until now I don’t what I am going to do.
Thank you for this video it will help me to calm my anxiety.
God bless!